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LifeLine Student Ministries
Focused on Love, Surrounded by Laughter, and Influenced by Christ's Teachings!

Our Youth programs are for anyone in 7th-12th grade. 

The logo to the right is used by our leadership team.  As it suggests, we are focused on sharing the LOVE as Jesus taught us through Discipleship (loving our Lord), Fellowship (loving each other), and Outreach/Missions (loving others).  We continually seek His will (LEARN) by exploring the Bible during Sunday School, Retreats, Small Groups, and any opportunity we can at our many other regular and special events.  And through it all,  we always seem to find a way to have fun, enjoying the fellowship of a large group of caring students and leaders (LAUGH).

The LifeLine calendar of events is below. If you have any questions about our Youth Ministries, we encourage you to contact the church office.  Members, please see our separate Shutterfly Site for pictures from past events or visit us on our Facebook page. 



LifeLine Student Ministries

             - Permission Form (Needed for overnight events or those involving travel)
             - Medical Emergency Form (Provide updates when key information changes)
             - Medication Authorization and Information Form (For prescribed medication)






LifeLine Sunday Morning

We are constantly adjusting the format to keep it fresh and new with small group open discussions, DVD large group lessons, student led lessons, and much, much more.

WHEN: Every Sunday from 9:45 - 10:45 (See above calendar for actual dates and lesson details)

WHERE:  St Paul's Youth Area

Helping Hands at Grace UMC

Every 3rd Sunday of the month over 20 students and leaders head to Grace UMC in Harrisburg to help with their Helping Hands breakfast, a weekly ministry to serve breakfast to those in need.  In addition to the breakfast, we run what has been come to be known as the "St Paul's Clothing Room", a ministry to get much needed clothing to the people who need it most.

WHEN:  Third Sunday of every month
                6:00 AM - a smaller group to start breakfast
                7:00 AM - the remaining group to help
                Both groups return by 10:00 AM

WHERE:  Grace UMC, Harrisburg (leave/return to St Paul's)

SIGN-UP DEADLINE:  The 2nd Sunday of the month to be sure we have enough drivers

NiteLife - Sunday Night Hangout

A hangout night for students just to relax and play some games with friends.  Note:  on weeks we already have an activity, this will not be held so see the above calendar for details.

WHEN:  Most Sunday nights during the school year from 6:00 - 8:00 (See calendar for details)

WHERE:  LifeLine Area

LifeLine Prayer and Planning

Any student, leader, or parent interested in praying for the ministry and brainstorming ways to continually improve it and it's upcoming events are invited to come any Sunday.  We will talk about upcoming events.  For each, we will look for ways that people can help.  As the Bible says in Eccliastes 4:9, "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed." (NLT)

WHEN:  Sundays from 9:00 - 9:30

WHERE:  LifeLine Area 





Youth Sunday - Sept 10

To prepare we are going to start this summer. We will be having practices after church on 7/16, 7/23, and 8/6

Below are three areas we want to get a jump on (videos of our mission work, music for the service, and finally dance/drama for the service).

Video of some of our mission fields

Some suggestions of our Mission Fields
     - Our Mission Trip to WV
     - Our Outreach to Helping Hands
     - Our Schools
     - Our Jobs
     - Our Sports Teams
     - Our Community Service (mowing lawns, volunteer at camps, etc)

The videos should be short an simply state the following ideally in the setting of that mission field
     - My mission field is ____________________ (Where/What the mission is)
     - I serve _____________________ (Who/Why we are serving there)
     - Then finally how it further's God' plan, helps make the world better, etc

For example
     - "My mission field is my sports team"
     - "I serve my coach and teammates"
     - "I demonstrate God's style of leadership by praying with the team and showing great sportsmanship"


     - Songs we are looking at:
          - Build Your Kingdom Here
          - God of the City
          - Brave (Nicole Nordeman)
          - Made to Worship (Chris Tomlin)
          - I Refuse
          - Until the Whole World Hears (Ending Song)


     - What we are doing
          - Dance to Carmen's "Mission 3:16" (spy theme)
          - Drama based upon the 12 Spies
     - How you can help
          - Being part of the performance
          - Behind the scenes like tech or props/set